JEE Paper 2 B.arch

1. Candidates need to attempt the JEE (Earlier AIEEE) Paper 2 for admission to B.Arch or B.Plan programs.

2. Paper 2 of JEE (Earlier AIEEE) consists of Mathematics, Aptitude Test and Drawing for B. Architecture and B. Planning in offline mode.

3. The Paper Pattern is as follows:

Parts Type of Questions Marks
Part I – Mathematics Objective 40 Q x 4 marks = 160 marks
Part II – Aptitude Test Objective 40 Q x 4 marks = 160 marks
Part III – Drawing Test Drawing 2 Q x 35 marks = 70 marks


390 marks
Part – I
Aptitude = 40 questions x 4 marks = 160 marks
Maths = 40 questions x 4 marks = 160 marks 
  • Awareness of persons, places, Buildings, Materials.
  • Objects, Texture related to Architecture and building environment.
  • Visualizing three dimensional objects from two dimensional drawings.
  • Visualizing different sides of three dimensional objects.
  • Analytical Reasoning Mental Ability (Visual, Numerical and Verbal).
Part – II
Drawing = 2 questions x 35 marks = 70 marks
  • Three dimensional – perception: Understanding and appreciation of scale and proportion of objects, building forms and elements, color texture, harmony and contrast.
  • Design and drawing of geometrical or abstract shapes and patterns in pencil.
  • Transformation of forms both 2 D and 3 D union, subtraction, rotation, development of   surfaces and volumes, Generation of Plan, elevations and 3 D views of objects.
  • Creating two dimensional and three dimensional compositions using given shapes and forms.
  • Sketching of scenes and activities from memory of urbanscape (public space, market,festivals, street scenes, monuments, recreational spaces etc.), landscape (river fronts,jungles. gardens, trees, plants etc.) and rural life.